Modern physiotherapy
is a chance for everybody to lead
an active life without pain.

Thanks to an advanced treatment and rehabilitation methods

each of us can undergo rehabilitation with qualified physiotherapists' help without spending substantial sums of money.

Our professional rehabilitation programs and personalised therapy plans

allow people suffering from injuries, back pain or pain of limbs to overcome pain and return to everyday activities. Additionally, an individually developed set of exercises allows full recovery much faster.

Our medical centre offers treatments fully accustomed to the condition and a type of an injury you suffer from.

Thanks to abundant experience and proper qualifications we are able to discover the real cause of an ailment, outline a set of treatments so that they are profitable and their effects will be long-lasting, even after the therapy is finished. Thanks to personalised sets of exercises, you can extend the obtained results and facilitate your return to the life before the pain.

We provide our clients with services of the best quality in a friendly atmosphere. At the same time, we concentrate on achieving the best possible results of treatment.

Our qualified staff is at your service.


We always rely on tested rehabilitation methods

How do we treat?

We always rely on tested rehabilitation methods.
We try to deliver various possibilities of efficient and, first and foremost, effective treatment to our patients' ailments.

Therefore, we focus on their fast recovery so that they have the greatest chance to come back to sport, work and an active lifestyle. Due to this fact, we take rehabilitation extremely seriously. We think that the best way to maximise the effects of a certain treatment is to implement it immediately. Only then, we are able to give an accurate diagnosis, administer a proper treatment and help them get back to the condition which allows them to live to the fullest without obstacles such as pain.

In order to increase the chances of our patients to obtain the most pleasing effects, we work according to a

three-stage therapy:
We establish a diagnosis

- we always try to accurately assess the health condition of our patients and find the place responsible for pain. Only a well established diagnosis can benefit and improve the comfort of a suffering person's life permanently. If it is possible to identify the place of an injury, rehabilitation brings amazing effects.

We treat

- when the real cause of pain is established, we can focus on outlining a proper plan of treatment. Let's emphasise it one more time, without an accurate assessment of a health condition, proper treatment is impossible. In our medical centre, we do not intend to treat the symptoms of an injury, but its causes.

We cooperate with patients

- we believe that every person can treat themselves providing they receive help. By the help, we mean a personalised set of exercises which patients do at home. What does it mean? First of all, the effects occur significantly earlier than in the case of a traditional rehabilitation.

We realise that every case is individual that is why, we treat every person individually

Why we?

When we created our medical center, we had in mind the idea that every person should have a right to lead a comfortable life without pain. The pain limits us and doesn't allow us to enjoy our hobbies, do sports or even move while doing various daily activities.

We realise that every case is individual that is why, we treat every person individually so that the the effects of therapy let them cherish their lives. We also try our best to maximise the effects of the treatment that is why we support the therapy by means of sets of exercises for our patients to do at home. Thanks to the exercises, people with whom we cooperated, could reach for their dreams.

Our experience is based on the cooperation with either sports people or individuals.

We perceive our work with Łukasz Kubot, a tennis player, during Australian Open as a great success. At the time, we reached for the Grand Slam.

We have been cooperating for many years with Henryk Szost who is said to be the fastest, white person in the world – we help him prepare to competitions. We also assisted him when he qualified for the final at the Olympic Games in London.

As far as rehabilitation is concerned, we also train Izabela Bełcik, a volleyball player and a multiple champion in volleyball, a European champion.


As our patients reach for the best trophies in their disciplines, we can also boast of our achievements in combating pain in the elderly. As we all know, the pain at this stage of live may be chronic. Thanks to our experience and efforts, we are able to alleviate it and restore the comfort of live.



In order to choose a method of treatment, it is worth knowing what kind of pain we suffer from

Understand the pain

Pain usually tells that something wrong is going on with our organism. The first step to fight it is to understand its type.

We can distinguish between to types of pain i.e. chemical and mechanical one.

Chemical pain

Chemical type is a result of chemical processes such as inflammations infections. Such a feeling accompanies a patient constantly and practically does not disappear or decrease during a day. It may only be treated with the use of special medications.

Mechanical pain

Mechanical pain appears when one of the elements: joints, tendons, muscles are damaged. In most cases, the back or neck pain is caused by the mechanical type. Such ailments come and go during a day depending on the movements as some of them induce the pain and other alleviate it.

Who can we help?

What we offer

In our medical centre we:

treat back problems and rehabilitate
after injuries of both the elderly, the young and sports people who are especially at risk of various injuries. We implement tested and effective methods in the treatment such ailments as lumbar radiculopathy also known as sciatic neuritis which full recovery is possible only thanks to professionals. We also help people who battle with sinister back pains which affects almost 80% of adults. We also offer treatment of disc lesions

treat headaches implementing methods,
whose aim is to decrease the intensity and frequency of the pain and the intake of painkillers. Headaches can be caused by some problems with the motor system. It is also possible that such a state is induced by a big amount of stress or physical or mental fatigue rehabilitate in professional sport which burdens muscles and joints, as a consequence, we are prone to serious injuries of the motor system and pain which disables us from leading a normal life

treat hip and knee diseases,
- the main aim of the treatment is to soothe or eliminate the pain completely and help our patients come back to an active lifestyle

treat the joints of upper limbs,
- problems with them very often disable people from doing everyday activities.


High Effectiveness of SALUS-TALENT therapy

We use a modern device to electromagnetic stimulation Salus-Talent. Thanks to such a method, we are able not only to affect the surface but to penetrate an organism. Electromagnetic stimulation is more effective and long-lasting than electric one.

If there are no visible effects of the conducted treatment, we do not charge our patients for it.





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If you have any questions concerning our methods, prices or consultation hours, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our aim is to help you recover as soon as possible.



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